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If you use the Excel spreadsheet and if you need to build a model to analyze a problem, consider using VORSIM, an Excel-based modeling software package.It helps you build, modify and operate mathematical models using Excel spreadsheets in workbooks.VORSIM can build anything from small partial equilibrium models to large models with thousands of variables.

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VORSIM software helps you build, simulate and manage models as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.VORSIM 15 is required for Excel 2013 and 2016 while VORSIM 14 is needed for earlier versions of Excel.Both VORSIM versions operate similarly, however files and models built with VORSIM 14 must be converted to operate with VORSIM 15.This and other changes are explained on the VORSIM 15 website.

A trial version of VORSIM 15 and several supply-demand graph utilities can be downloaded FREE of charge from window.html.

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Microsoft, Windows, and Excel are trademarks owned by the Microsoft Corporation.The VORSIM trademark in the U.S. and abroad is owned by Vernon Oley Roningen, all rights reserved.  VORSIM software is copyright 1996, 1998 by Vernon Oley Roningen, all rights reserved.

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VORSIM 14 for earlier versions of Excel (97-2010) is still available on the Shopping Cart.Tutorials, the Userís Guide, and other VORSIM modeling illustrations are still useful in spite of the differences between versions 15 and 14.Models built with VORSIM 14 require conversion to operate with version 15.