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All equations are written in the equation-parameter workbook.  Click the [Load Equation-Parameter Workbook for Model] button to load the workbook and go to the sheet where you want to add equations.  If there are no equations of the type you want in the equation bank or on other sheets, then new equations must be created.  This is done by clicking the [Add Equation Parameter Matrix] button on the sheet (these buttons exist only on sheets that can accept equations).  If the equation you want is already on another sheet or is in the equation bank, you can use other buttons to replicate them in the chosen sheet.  You can even add equations from other model workbooks.  The first time you define a model, you will have to add all of the new equations at least once with the [Add Equation Parameter Matrix] button.  Once you have added equations on one sheet, if appropriate, they can be copied automatically to other sheets with programs accessed with the [Equation Bank] button.