Menu | <<<< | >>>> | Equation matrices can be restored from the bank


Clicking the [Equation Bank] button brings up a menu with several options.  Here the [C. Restore/Add Equation Matrix to Active Sheet from Bank] button has been clicked to bring up the above choice menu with a list of banked equations to select.  If you select an equation matrix, it will be inserted at the chosen position on the sheet.  You can restore equations from other sheets (and model workbooks) and they will be appropriately re-named for this sheet (e.g. Wqs would be renamed Eqs on the {E} sheet).  This feature is useful for replicating equations from one sheet onto other sheets.  If your equation structure is the same for several sheets (with allowance for different parameters in the cells on different sheets), then you only have to create the equation matrix once; you can call it back automatically into other model sheets.

In VORSIM 15 a banked equation would be named, for example, WRpw.eqn.xlsx.