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If you click the [Edit Equation] button you get this equation-editing form.  If you select an equation from the LIST of Equations in Sheet, the terms are listed in the ‘List of Terms in Equation’ box.  Clicking [2. Select Term (for Box Below)à] puts the selected term into the edit box for MANUAL editing.  A click of the [4a Update LIST] button returns it to the list (perhaps in a different position if you change numbers to switch terms) and a click of the [5a. Update Matrix Column Heads] button returns the edited terms to their matrix column heads and closes the form.  Putting the cursor on a term in the LIST of Terms in Equation and clicking the [5c. Delete Selected Term From Equation] button will remove the term from the matrix and close the form.  Clicking the [5b. Add New Term to Equation] button inserts a column for a new term before the selected one and closes the form.  These latter two options are very important as they allow the addition and deletion of equation terms while keeping the equation names properly aligned – a problem that can easily occur if you try do this manually (the manual removal or expansion of columns directly on a workbook sheet is possible but you must be careful to end up with the correct range name for the equation matrix).  Part B allows you to blank out matrix rows and columns if a Category does not exist for a sheet.  This equation editing routine allows you to easily change column heads in any equation parameter matrix on a sheet and add or delete columns (terms) in an equation parameter matrix.  You can also unprotect a sheet and directly edit the column heads manually in Excel.