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Whenever a new equation is added to a model, this form is called up with the [Add Equation Parameter Matrix] button on the sheet.  The form helps enforce the VORSIM equation syntax and tells you which model codes are available for the creation of equation terms.  There are 3 steps in the equation writing process. 1) The variable code for the dependent variable is selected (here ‘fs’ was selected).  2) A list of equation terms is built up.  The three (blue) category codes mean that from the terms, an equation will be written for each category (if a Category is deselected, an equation will not be written for that Category).  3) The equation parameter equation matrix is created when you click the [3. FINAL STEP – Create Equation Parameter Matrix] button.  The basic idea is that each equation TERM is entered in the box at the top of the form and then clicked into place in the LIST of equation terms.  You can enter term components by typing them in or you can click on them sequentially in part A which lists all of codes defined and available for use in your model.  The white instruction box gives explanations and examples.  Note that the button for the final step is colored red as is the [QUIT] button for exiting the form and canceling the process.  In most VORSIM activities, a red button means that you are leaving the current screen and are canceling an operation.  In either case, you will close the current menu.