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The first step (1) is to select the code for the dependent variable. The qs code was put in the box by clicking on it in the list below. The second step is to build a list of equation terms. Here an equation term has been entered in the Equation TERM box. The term begins with a multiplication (*) sign because it is going to be multiplied by a calculated constant term in the final equation. Mathematical Excel notation is used in terms to fix their relationship to other terms in the final equation. The term can be typed in or it can be built up by clicking successively on items in the code boxes in part A. When done, click the [b) Add above TERM(s) to LIST Below] button to add the term entered to the list. Note that a matrix can write equations (rows) for each Category listed. If you dont want a category included (a row in the matrix), click on the Category to deselect it.