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The term *!pw[BL,NUT,W]^# generated 3 equation terms (matrix columns).  The # is a placeholder for a number entered in a row below the column head.  If a number exists, it replaces the #; if the cell is blank, the term is not included in the equation.  This kind of a process keeps equation size to a minimum (equation terms are actually written only if there is a parameter entered).  Model storage requirements are minimized and calculation efficiency is maximized with this equation writing process.  Another term has been entered in the Equation TERM box.  Note that it does not include any Category codes, as did the previous term.  The best way to learn about this equation writing process is to sit down with a demonstration model and click buttons to write equations.  It is advantageous to create terms by clicking on codes in box A because then you will be including only codes that are available and you will make no typing errors.  Also remember that if you are not sure if you have the right syntax for the term, you have a chance to edit equation terms later on the sheet in which it was created.