Menu | <<<< | >>>> | Click the [1. Create Model Workbooks] button

To create a model, click the [Load Equation-Parameter Workbook for Model] button on the VORSIM control screen and go to the {Variables} sheet (the first sheet in the equation workbook).  This sheet contains the command buttons for the creation of a VORSIM model.  Click the [1. Create Model Workbooks] button to create model workbooks and when that process is completed, click the [2. Put All Equations in Model] button to enter equations into the model.  The remaining [Create An Alternative Model] button allows you to create an alternative model, which can be the same as, or a subset of, the original model that has been created with buttons 1 and 2.  The {Variables} sheet for the model DEMO is shown above.

The small red markers in the upper right of cells containing variable names indicated comments have been placed in those cells.  Comments can be viewed by placing your cursor on the workbook sheet cell.