Menu | <<<< | >>>> | [4. Install Solver] Click to complete model configuration

After the configuration buttons have been clicked and the cell information entered (in color) has been entered, the buttons are removed. If you want to invoke other options for configuration, do so next. As each configuration button is clicked, cells that will contain solution information are added to the {Current solution status} sheet. When configurations are complete, you might want to make changes in some of the solver parameters on {Solver parameters} sheet. Then the final step in configuration is to click the [4. Install Solver] button which installs the Solver using information from the {Solver parameters} sheet, removes the {Solver parameters} sheet, removes any remaining configuration buttons, and saves the model. At this point if you want to reconfigure the model, you must start over again by creating the model workbooks from the {Variables} sheet of the equation-parameter workbook.

There is another button (not shown here) [Use previous configuration]. Each time a model is configured, the Solver installed, and the model saved, the configuration (selection of the green and red cells (and other options)) is saved with a 2 digit name you select. Then if the model is re-built and you want to use the SAME configuration, you can simply click the [Option: USE A PREVIOUS CONFIGURATION] button instead of buttons 1, 2 and others to call up one of the saved configurations for use. Again, clicking the [3. Install Solver] button adds the Solver and saves the configuration. This process saves time if you have a complicated configuration which you want to use when you re-build or re-assemble the model (perhaps with different coefficients or equations structures). Once the solver is installed, the model is ready for simulation.

When simulations have been completed and saved, clicking the [QUIT] button closes the model and opens the Solution Manager control screen.

The [Manage Solutions, Models] button on the Solution Manager control screen will bring up a workbook containing a) a list of saved solutions, b) a list of models (the basic model and alternatives), and c) a list of configurations. If you want to delete any solutions, models or configurations, buttons in this workbook can be used.