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When a model has completed solution, you can check the solution variable results on the {Current solution status} sheet.  The top red cells contain the final values of the target variables for each time period.  Here they are all zero indicating a successful solution.  The top green cells contain the final values of the change variables, in this case, the market clearing prices.  The red and green dotted cells contain the beginning iteration values in each time period (after the new exogenous variables for the time period have been used to calculate the equations once).

Always look at this sheet before you save a solution.  If the red cells at the top are all zero, you know you have an acceptable solution; if they are not zero, then you know you do not.  More importantly, in the case of an unacceptable solution, you can see which target variables did not converge for in particular time periods.  This is an important first step in tracing down problems with a model that does not converge.  In the above case there was little movement in the target variables so that the green price variables did not have to change very much at all (probably only in the third digit leaving the prices unchanged when rounded to 2 digits beyond the decimal point.