Menu | <<<< | >>>> | [Save Solution] – click to save solution with a name and description


When you are satisfied that a solution is acceptable, you can click the [Save Solution] button to save it.  This menu pops up and prompts you for a name.  Next it will prompt you for a brief explanation.  The solution name and explanation stay with the solution workbook and appear when you make pivot tables and charts or other outputs from saved solutions.  They also appear in the list of saved solutions accessible from the Solution Manager control screen.  This procedure provides a simple but effective, naming and documentation of solutions from your model.  For example if you select “trial” as the solution name, the name of the solution workbook for that solution will be DEMOtril.sol (in VORSIM 15, DEMOtril.sol.xlsx.  When saving a solution from an alternative model, you are allowed only 3 digits rather than 4.

Solution workbooks use the format of the exogenous data workbook with one sheet per time period.  The solution numbers appear exactly as the model numbers with cells containing values generated by equations being colored yellow.   Just as you can know the contents of a model cell by its color, you can know the source of a solution workbook cell value by its color.  The Solution Manager control screen has an option in the pull-down VORSIM menu to convert a solution to a time series format from the format in the model and saved solution workbook.

In VORSIM 15 there is an option in the Solution Manager control screen to convert solutions to a time series format like the data workbook.  For a solution tril, the time series workbook would be named DEMOtril.sot.xlsx.