Menu | <<<< | >>>> | [Change Exogenous Variable…] – Click to change exogenous data

Changing exogenous variables generates alternative solutions.  In a dynamic model (multiple time periods) this can be accomplished by clicking the [Change Exogenous Variable | View Solution Variable] button.  The button brings up this menu where you put your cursor on a variable to select it.  When done, you click [OK] to bring a time series of the variable in a table and chart.  If the variable selected is an exogenous one (in a white cell), an extra line in the table is added where you can insert changes in the exogenous variable that will generate alternative solutions.  You can change as many exogenous variables as you want this way before you solve the model.  Of course an alternative method of changing exogenous data is to use buttons [a. …] and [b. …] to manually enter changes into a time series based workbook.

In a static model (one time period), you can simply change the values of the exogenous variables (white cells) in the model itself.