Menu | <<<< | >>>> | Selection brings up table and chart of exogenous variable

This is the table and chart brought up for an exogenous variable, including a “Change?>” row where alternative variable values can be entered.  If different values are entered, click the [Change Exogenous Variable] button to use them in the next simulation (you will get a graph of the original and changed values).  If you want to select other exogenous variables for change, click the [Select a Variable] button again.  When you are done changing exogenous variables, click the [Return to DEMOmod Model] button to return to the {Model} sheet for simulation of the model.

Besides changing exogenous variables, this menu can be used for the viewing of solution variables before the solution is saved.  If you select a model variable in a yellow cell (generated by the model solution), you will get a table and chart of the variable but no change line.  Solution does not have to be saved if they are not satisfactory but should be saved if you want to evaluate them further (rather than the chart of one variable at a time provided here).