Menu | <<<< | >>>> | The VORSIM pull-down menu on the VORSIM control screen


All VORSIM 14 control screens have a pull-down menu item (labeled VORSIM) added to the regular Excel pull-down menus.  Here you see the pull-down menu on the VORSIM control screen in Excel 2003 or earlier versions.  In Excel 2007-2010 where a control ribbon is used, this VORSIM menu becomes an item in the Add-Ins part of the ribbon. The menu items are helpful at various stages of model construction, especially when you are building or re-building the data, definition, and equation-parameter workbooks.  Although the items are self-explanatory, brief explanations of the programs invoked on the menu follow:

|Save Sheet Data| - saves numbers and text on the active sheet as a backup text file (the data and definition workbooks only).  This is especially useful as interim backup during data entry.

|Restore Data to Sheet| - restores backup *.txt items to original position in active sheet.  Note that if you have changed your model structure so that variables are located in different cells, this procedure will place the data in the new changed location using row and column name headings.

|Unprotect Workbook Sheets|, |Protect Workbook Sheets| - Unprotect/protect all sheets in active workbook.  This is useful, for example, if you are going to transfer data between workbook sheets.

|Replicate Data Block| - copies a block of data from one sheet to other selected sheets in workbook.  This is a powerful menu-driven operation that can save hours of cutting and pasting time if need to replicate data or data generating formulas from one sheet to another in the data or equation workbooks.

|Backup a Model Workbook| - Creates a backup (*.bak) copy of any *.xls workbook in directory.  (Backups of key workbooks can also be made from the Model Manager control screen.)

|Copy Data Block from Backup| - Copy a selected block of data (values or formulas) from backup data workbook and put each item in the correct cell in the current data workbook.  This is useful if you have re-built your model and want to put old data values into new positions in the data workbook.  A button on the Model Manager control screen allows you to do this operation for all data values in the backup data workbook; this operation is used for selected blocks of data.

|Print Short List of Equations| - When an equation sheet in the equation workbook is open, this prints ONE of each type of equations on the sheet.

|Select Display Cell in Workbook| - Pick a cell in an open workbook and display that cell in all sheets in the workbook.  This allows you to easily focus on an area of interest in a multiple sheet spreadsheet workbook.

In VORSIM 15, these pull-down menus have been deleted and replaced by operations called up by Tool (orange) buttons on the control screens.  Many such operations can now be called up from any control screen, not just the screen with the menu (VS 14).