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VORSIM Consulting Services Available - Economic Analysis, Modeling, VBA

gmailVORSIM Economic Consulting - Vernon Oley Roningen - Ph.D. in economics, Columbia University, NY, NY.  BA in mathematics, physics, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN.  Work experience with Economic Research Service, USDA; U.S. International Trade Commission, Washington, DC; United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, Switzerland; U.S. Senate, Washington, DC; Peace Corps, Malawi, Africa. 

Consulting services can be provided for a wide variety of economic issues.  We have extensive working experience with trade, agricultural policy, and energy issues.  Our specialty is the rapid, clear quantitative analysis of economic problems.  We can be especially helpful for policy analysis projects where a modeling tool like VORSIM can be used.  We can build models for the exclusive use of clients for their projects.  Alternatively, we can do a complete analysis of a problem and deliver a final report to a client, including any models or quantitative work created in the process.  We can also provide training programs for the VORSIM model-building software.  Since VORSIM is built for Excel using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), we have considerable experience with VBA and can help with your projects that might require VBA.  Consulting fees are $200 per day plus travel expenses.  Sample consulting projects are listed below.  You can read PDF copies of many of the project reports on the Studies based on VORSIM models page on this website - follow the links to PDF versions of the reports listed.  Trade modeling projects of various types have been done for Peru, Uzbekistan, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Canada, the U.S., New Zealand, and Mongolia.

Many reports (outlined below) on projects using VORSIM models can be read on the Studies based on VORSIM models page of this website.

World trade simulation models were built with VORSIM software for consulting projects in cooperation with ADR International, Ltd.  A project for Peru evaluated the impact of a free trade agreement with the U.S. for the sugar and cotton sectors.  A project for Uzbekistan evaluated the potential impact of WTO accession.  An African project looked at alternative arrangements for Zambia for the negotiation of an economic partnership agreement with the EU.  Another evaluated the impact of a free trade zone for Rwanda.  Another examined the impact of an East African customs union on potential members – the resulting report is “The New EAC Customs Union: Implications for Ugandan Trade, Industry, Competitiveness, and Economic Welfare” for Nathan Associates Inc. by Dean A. DeRosa, Marios Obwona, and Vernon O. Roningen.  For information about for this type of application and copies of the papers, contact Dean DeRosa, E-mail: info@adr-intl.com.

An Armington model was created with VORSIM software for a project for the Canadian Government.  The resulting paper was “Impact of the Elimination of Canadian Refined Sugar Tariff on Imports from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua” by Bruce Huff and Vernon Roningen.

Economic modeling of the world cashmere market and production of the report “The Impact of a Mongolian Ban on the Exports of Raw Cashmere” for the Gobi Regional Economic Growth Initiative, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, was done under a consulting project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

A model of the world agricultural market with emphasis on dairy products and their impact on the environment was prepared for Dr. Caroline Saunders at the Commerce Division, PO Box 84, Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand.  Also, a model of trade in genetically modified agricultural products was prepared.  For more information, contact Dr. Saunders. E-mail: saunderc@kea.lincoln.ac.nz 

USDA researcher using VORSIM for a world sugar policy model: Contact: Steve Haley, Economic Research Service, E-mail: shaley@ers.usda.gov.

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