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It is very important to know whether a model has solved properly, and if not, to locate where the problem lies.  The {Current solution status} sheet in the model workbook satisfies this need.  The two top matrices give the final iteration values of the target and change variables for each time period.  The bottom two matrices give the starting iteration values each time period.  One can see a) how much the target variables have changed each time period and b) how much the change variables have changed. In this example, zeros in the top red matrix for all time periods for all target variables shows that a satisfactory solution has been calculated.  While the target variables were driven to zero from small non-zero amounts, the required changes in change variables was very small (3rd place after the decimal point).  If there is a problem and some cells are not zero, then diagnosis of the solution problem can focus on the appropriate variables and time periods where target variables have not converged to zero.  You should always check this sheet to see that all target variables have converged satisfactorily close to zero before saving a solution for safekeeping.