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The equation workbook <DEMOeqp.xls> starts with a repeat of the {Variables} sheet from the definition workbook. The Funcs row has been added to the bottom. This row contains functions that can be used in VORSIM equations if desired. Notice that the controls for creating the model are found on this sheet. There are three tabs in this equation workbook for the three Sheets defined in the definition workbook. These are the three equation sheets for the model DEMO. The last sheet is the {Basedata} sheet, which will contain the base period data that is needed for the initialization (calculation of the intercept) of equations. Switching to the {Basedata} sheet to add data from the data workbook completes the model definition process.

VORSIM 15: Model building operations are the same as in VORSIM version 14 although the equation workbook in version 15 would now be <DEMOeqp.xlsx>.