Menu | <<<< | >>>> | Update the base data; click [Update Basedata sheet for Model]

When the equation workbook is created, the {Basedata} sheet is created with the variable names in the cells.  Clicking the [Update Basedata sheet for Model] button brings in the data for the base period from the model data workbook.  This base data is used (whenever equations are written) for calculations of equation intercepts (making the equations exactly reproduce base period values for the variable explained by the equation).  With the transfer of base data to this sheet, all information needed to write equations will be contained in the equation workbook.  You have to be sure that all of the data is entered into the data workbook before it is transferred here.  If data is changed in the data workbook, just click the [Update Basedata sheet for Model] button again to transfer the new data into this sheet.  Equations then can be re-initialized with this new data.

Notice that the regular Excel menu (or ribbon for Excel 2007, 2010) is at the top of all workbook pages so that normal Excel operations can be used if needed. 

The {Basedata} sheet is used to initialize model equations.  The next page shows the sheet after the button has been clicked and the base period data has been brought in.