Menu | <<<< | >>>> | Fill out the menu with Sheet, Category, and Variable codes etc.

A VORSIM model is defined by entering codes in this form.  Proceed (as in all VORSIM menus) to fill in the form in order of the numbered sections or buttons.  The form contains suggestions and instructions and will often not accept entries that violate VORSIM model rules.  The steps are: 1. Enter a 4-digit model name, 2. Enter the drive and directory for the new model, 3. Enter the time periods (if the model is static, enter the same time period in the Begin, Base, and End boxes), 4. Enter Sheet, Category, and Variable codes by typing them in the Add boxes and clicking the [Add] buttons to move them down to the LISTs.  Other buttons (whose labels describe their functions) also are available.  For example, you can load all of the codes for the active model and then make modifications from there.

VORSIM 15 requires the same information but the form boxes have shifted a bit.