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The new workbook contains one sheet, {Definition}.  The chosen Sheet, Category, and Variable codes have been added as well as the model name, directory, and time periods.  Descriptions of the codes should now be added as documentation.  Also, if any variable is to require lagged values, the default lags of 0 should be changed.  Finally, the format of variables should be set using Excel format codes (consult your Excel manual).  The default 0 means that no numbers will show up after the decimal point (although they will exist in the spreadsheet).  A 0.00 code would mean that 2 digits should appear after the decimal point.  The important point is that this formatting follows the variable into the data and model workbooks as well as into the solution workbooks that are created from model solutions.  All formats for variables in subsequent model operations stem from the format codes entered on this sheet.  The next page will show the definition sheet when this form is filled out for DEMO.