Menu | <<<< | >>>> | Enter information, click [Complete Model Definition] button

When all the description, format, and lag information has been entered, click the [Complete Model Definition] button to continue the model definition process.  VORSIM will then add the {Variables} sheet to the definition workbook.  This new sheet will contain the master model variable list.  Note that the spaces on the sheet not used for anything else are available for your use for documentation and other purposes.  VORSIM applies Excel range names to certain key lists such as Sheet (here E-MCM first column rows have the range name Msheets), Category (here BL-W first column rows have the range name Mcats) and Variable (here fs-t first column rows have the range name Mvars); therefore take care not to create gaps in these lists.  You can expand or contract lists by adding or deleting rows but be sure to check the Names command on the |Insert| menu to insure that the range name covers the list correctly.  If the range names do not cover the proper rows, you can correct them manually by unprotecting the sheet and using the Name item on the Excel |Insert| pull-down menu.