Menu | <<<< | >>>> | Remove unwanted variables; then click [1. Create Variables]

This {Variables} sheet is the master model variable list for the model DEMO. It marks the exact cell location for every variable in the model. This variable location scheme is used for the model workbook itself as well as all solution variables generated from the model. Columns of this matrix are the Sheets while rows are a combination of Variable and Category codes for the variable rows. Lagged variables appear at the bottom of the matrix. This sheet completes the model definition workbook. This master model list is carried along to the equation workbook.

Here the {Variables} sheet has been added and 1s have been placed in all of the variable cells. The matrix contains all of the possible variables that can be defined, given the codes in the {Definition} sheet. If there are variables that are not needed, simply delete the 1s in those cells. When done, click the [1. Create Variables] button to create the variable names on the {Variables} sheet. If you decide to restore variables in this matrix later, that can be done easily provided backups of the data and equation workbooks have been made and all equations have been saved in the equation bank. Advice: whenever you have done more than 15 minutes work on any workbook, save it and be sure that you back up the workbook when it is completed (workbooks can be backed up from the pull-down menu in the VORSIM control screen or from the Model Manager control screen).