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This is the final master model variable list for the demonstration model DEMO after unwanted variables have been deleted and variable names have been created.  This list serves as a reference for the location of all variables in the model.  When this sheet is completed, save the definition workbook.  In DEMO, variable patterns are similar for regions E and WR but different for MCM.

An important stage has been reached in the model building process when the master model variable list is prepared.  Then the data and equation workbooks can be created because the basic structure and nomenclature for the entire model and all of its workbooks has been established.  Click the [2. Create Data Workbook] button to create the data workbook.  Then click the [3. Create Equation Workbook] button to create the workbook where model equations will be entered.  Finally, be sure to save this definition workbook before you go to the data workbook for data entry.