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The empty data workbook for the demonstration model DEMO has been created with the three sheets ({E}, {WR}, and {MCM}) defined in the definition workbook.  Each sheet is a data matrix where columns are time periods and rows are variables (the variable name is at the left of the row).  The base period data column (1996 for DEMO) is colored light yellow to distinguish it from other columns.  If a static (one time period) model had been created, there would be only one (yellow) column on this sheet.

Data must be entered to at least cover lagged periods and for base period variable values.  In addition, data must be entered for exogenous variables up to the ending period for the simulation process.  Variable values can be numbers (the cells already have been formatted using the format codes on the definition sheet of the model definition workbook) or they can be formulas that generate numbers (used to create variables from other data in the workbook).  It is even possible to have formulas or numbers outside of the data cells involved in data cell formulas for data generation.  Remember that any cell outside of the visible data cells is available for any purpose.