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VORSIM Utilities Window (Utilities,  Information, Models, Tutorials)         Desktop Icons                                                                 

When you install VORSIM 14, Desktop Icons are placed on your desktop (bottom right, blue background).  The VORSIM icon accesses the VORSIM (Model Builder) program (where you can switch between all of the control screens).  The VORSIM Utility icon opens the VORSIM Utilities window with icons that access control screens, utilities, information, demonstration models and tutorials.  When you are in a control screen (Model Builder, Solution Manager, Report Writer or Model Manager) you can use the [Activate Another Model] button to select another model from the VMOD folder to become the active model (below).  In version 15, the Utilities window shown above is replaced by tool buttons on the control screens.

Access models from the VORSIM Control Screens


Click the [Activate Another Model] button to get a menu of models and files in the Selected Model Drive\Directory.  Then a selection (here DEMO) becomes the active model for VORSIM.  The model itself is loaded into VORSIM by clicking the [3. Select Active Model] button (the menu is shut down and the selected model becomes active in the yellow cells).  In VORSIM 15, the [Activate…] button is found only on the Model Builder control screen.