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This is an example of a <DirSummary.xls> workbook sheet (created from the pull-down menu in the VORSIM Model Manager) listing all of the files in the directory for the demonstration model DEMO.  This summary can be updated as needed whenever more files are added to a model.  The summary organizes files (workbooks) by groups.  The *.bak, and *.txt files are backups of workbooks or sheet text while the *.eqa files are equation parameter matrices saved in the equation bank.  *.sol are files of saved solutions and *.rpt and *.tmp are report workbooks.  *lst files are “Movelists” which, once created, automatically move data between spreadsheets.  The key model and solution files are shown in bold print.

In VORSIM 15, file suffixes have changed.  Workbooks with macos end with *.xlsm while others end *.xlsx.  Also, endings have changed for VORSIM specific file types.  A different presentation table is used to list the variables in a VORSIM-15 built model.