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The equation sheet above contains one equation parameter matrix (from the {MCM} sheet of the demonstration model DEMO equation workbook <DEMOeqp.xls>), which generates three equations.  In this example, the cells all contain dashes (-) meaning that each equation contains the term at the top of the column (in the light yellow cell).  The control buttons for working with equations on the sheet are all placed at the top of the sheet when it is created.  This gives the convenience of controlling equation construction operations on the sheet itself.  Since the equation workbook is an Excel workbook, normal Excel operations can be used as well (e.g. the addition of explanatory text boxes).  An equation sheet can easily provide adequate documentation of the equations it contains.  The sheet (like all VORSIM workbooks) is pre-formatted for printing.  Note that in a VORSIM 15 model, the workbook would be named <DEMOeqp.xlsx> but the content would be as shown above.