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VORSIM is system of programs for the creation, organization, and management of Excel spreadsheet models.  The file structure for a model is consistent with the Excel structure and the normal organizational requirements of model building.  A VORSIM model actually consists of many workbooks (files) besides the model workbook itself.  This diagram shows the files for the demonstration model DEMO and the relationships between them.  The simulation model itself is the Excel workbook <DEMOmod.xls> that is created with its own programs and controls for model operations.  The definition, data, and equation workbooks are created as part of the model building process.  A workbook of indicators is created to add post-solution variables to workbooks of model solutions that have been saved.  Buttons controlling operations in workbooks are placed on workbook sheets when the workbooks are first constructed.  Values for variables from selected solutions can be compared in workbooks containing charts and pivot tables.  Excel reports can be created with normal Excel operations.  These user defined reports can be enhanced with methods that move or link solution values and other workbook data into the report workbooks.  Other workbooks contain banked equations, backup files, etc.  The <DirSummary.xls> file which can be created from the Model Manager control screen, lists all files/workbooks in an active model directory by type.  In VORSIM version 15, the name suffix scheme for workbooks has changed from .xls to .xlsm or .xlsx but the workbook structure of a VORSIM model is the same.