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Microsoft, Windows, and Excel are trademarks owned by the Microsoft Corporation.The VORSIM trademark in the U.S. and abroad is owned by Vernon Oley Roningen, all rights reserved.  VORSIM software is copyright 1996, 1998 by Vernon Oley Roningen, all rights reserved.

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VORSIM software helps you build, simulate and manage models as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and workbooks.VORSIM 14 uses Excel 2010 and earlier versions.With the advent of Excel 2013, major changes and improvements were made in VORSIM 15.VORSIM version 15 is available for Excel 2013 and 2016.Version 15ís structure and operation is similar to the earlier version 14 so that most of the information on the VORSIM 14 website, including the Userís Guide, is still relevant.Information on important differences, including file structure and nomenclature, is found on the VORSIM 15 website. Note that VORSIM 14 will not work in Excel 2013 or later versions and VORSIM 15 will not work in Excel versions earlier than 2013.

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