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VORSIM Version 16

VORSIM is a set of computer programs that helps you build, organize, operate, and manage models in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  The software can be used to create dynamic time series models, static partial equilibrium economic models, engineering process models, business plan projections, Armington bilateral trade flow models, or any other type of simultaneous or multi-equation simulation model that can be constructed in a spreadsheet.  While you specify the structure and equations for a model, VORSIM automates some of the most tedious parts of model building while retaining all of the convenience of spreadsheets.  VORSIM keeps track of model data and equations in the spreadsheet environment for even the largest models.  Spreadsheet model building, simulation, and report operations are controlled with [Buttons] conveniently placed on the relevant VORSIM control screens and workbook sheets following the Windows tradition. The button controls are automatically created in sheets where they belong.

 VORSIM is especially powerful for the construction of large spreadsheet models with standardized equation systems.  Once a model is constructed, equation parameters and equations can be quickly changed and re-initialized to fit the base data.  Models can be rapidly assembled and simulated to generate alternative scenarios.  Solution values can be viewed immediately with Excel pivot tables, filtered lists, and charts.  Furthermore, solution values can be quickly moved into spreadsheet reports that you create.  All model components, solutions, and reports are Excel spreadsheets.  You document your model as it is constructed so that when a project is completed, your ‘transparent’ VORSIM-built model is readily accessible to others.  Furthermore, once data or equations are entered, they can be backed up so that for revised models for example, the backups can be brought back in and data and equations do not have to be re-entered.  Although VORSIM menus are in English, the software can operate in other language versions of Excel.  VORSIM version 16 is available in the Free Downloads sheet cart.

VORSIM 16 and 15 operate very much the same as version 14.  However, the workbook suffix name system has changed (*.xls for version 14 to 2 workbook suffixes for versions 16 and 15  - (*.xlsm with macros and *.xlsx without).  Also, the method of accessing tools in the pull-down menus has been changed to a menu accessed by an orange button.  Version 16 is simpler to use than version 14, yet more powerful and robust.

Consider building your model in Excel with VORSIM.  Visit the links on the “home” page to learn more and read some of the studies based on VORSIM models to appreciate its power and flexibility.  Some of the demonstration models and large models are available free for download on this website.  The detailed User’s Guide for VORSIM is also available on this website.  It presents extensive details about VORSIM along with instructions for major VORSIM operations.  Although the User’s Guide uses VORSIM 14 examples, most of the basics are the same in 16.