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The creation of a VORSIM model means the creation of variables with clear meaning and a fixed location in model spreadsheets.The variable naming convention outlined above follows the file (Excel workbooks) structure of a model.A variable name carries with it the row and column location in the model and other workbook pages.In order for a model to be efficiently embedded in Excel and understandable even when it is large, this nomenclature scheme and the VORSIM file system must be followed. The file system includes control screens, accesses a wide variety of programs dealing with model changes and backups.As always, the description on the button summarizes what the button does.Model buttons are created automatically when needed.The traditional file structure is shown below but in VORSIM 16, *.xls becomes *.xlsx and files containing macros (such as a model itself) DEMOmod.xls becomes DEMOmod.xlsm.

A model starts it creation by choosing variable component codes and assembling the model definition (def) workbook.From there you created data and equation (eqp) workbooks.When data has been entered in the data workbook, equations are created in the equation workbook and then when these are completed, the model workbook (mod) is created.The model is a standalone workbook with its own macros and a solver that allows the simulation of various scenarios and passing of the results to solution (sol) workbooks.Additional post-solution indicators can be calculated and added to solutions.From there solution values and other information can be passed to reports designed by the model user.All of these processed are illustrated in the Userís Guide.