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Model management tasks are accessed from the Model Manager control screen.  Equation matrices can be banked, restored, or edited.  Models can be modified, expanded or shrunk.  Model workbooks can be archived, backed up, or restored.

[Put All Equations into Bank], [Restore All Equations from Bank] – Equation banking programs; all model equations can be put into, or taken out of, an equation bank.

[Add Sheets/Variables to Expand Model] – Expand the active model with more sheets, categories, and/or variables.  A new definition workbook is created and the model rebuilt.

[Change Base Period], [Add Another Time Period] – Change base period and expand the ending time period.

[Remove Variables to Shrink Model] – Remove variables that are not needed in a model; and then rebuild a smaller model from a new definition workbook...

[Restore Backup Data to Data Workbook] – Restore data from a backup data workbook to a newly created data workbook, putting old data into the correct place in the new workbook.  Whenever model workbooks are rebuilt, they can be filled with backup data.

[Backup a Single File] – Backup a selected file (workbook).

[Load a Workbook] – Load any workbook in the active model directory.

[Replace Key Workbooks with Backups] – Restore key workbooks (definition, equation, data, and indicator) for model from backups.

[List All Files in Active Model Directory] – Prepare a labeled list of all model files.

[Backup All Key Files] – Backup key workbooks, all equation matrices, and cells from data and definition workbook.  This button backs up all necessary files associated with a model. These backups can then be used as data sources for rebuilt model workbooks.

[Edit Banked Equation Matrices – Add/Delete Equation Terms] – Edit banked equations, add/remove equation terms and change parameter matrices (parameter values for equations).  Also, Armington elasticity formulas can be created automatically here from elasticities of demand and substitution.

[Put inθ] [Restore from θ] – Put/Restore files in/from a named archive file.

[UG – Model Manager] – Load Model Manager part of User’s Guide.

MMmenu|VORSIM| menu on Model Manager control sheet: This menu has a long list of available programs.  The first three deal with options for labeling and documenting models.  One summarizes the content of a workbook. Three others deal with another way of summarizing workbook contents.  Among the remaining items, two are especially useful.  First if you create a new workbook, you can restore text comments from a backup file.  Second, you can find out where your model equations do not generate the base data – this is very useful for finding equation errors after you have built your model.  Finally, it is useful to create a summary of equations – this option shows the equation generation matrix column heads along with a sample equations generated.  This gives you a quick way to check on, and look at how your equation terms fit together. This menu has been replaced by tool buttons in VS 15.