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VORSIM (VS) version 14 Software

 VORSIM model building software for Microsoft Excel can be a) downloaded directly from this website or b) ordered on an installation CD from the shopping cart (VS 14).  Both methods include VORSIM software, demonstration models, and utilities that are installed on your computer.  Tutorials and the User’s Guide are accessed on the VORSIM website.  Several video tutorials consist of sequential screen captures of VORSIM model building operations.  They give an overview of the VORSIM modeling system and illustrate several key model building and operation activities.  Demonstration models illustrate VORSIM features and can be rebuilt as learning exercises

Utilities:  These are programs that perform useful operations associated with VORSIM 14 model-building.  They are all accessed from the VORSIM Utilities window.  Three utilities help with installation problems:  VBA Test (VBAtest.xls) – Program that tests whether VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is installed and useable with Excel on your computer.  Check Stray Files (Strayfile.xls) – Program which finds duplicate VORSIM files on your computer which may cause problems.  The program allows you to delete these unwanted files.  Installation Check (Installchk.xls) – A program that checks to make sure VORSIM programs and model files are in the location intended during installation.  Other utilities help with modeling activities:  Duplicate a Model (Duplicate.xls) – A program that duplicates an existing VORSIM model, giving it a different name and location.  This allows you to build another model by changing the structure of an existing (renamed) one, therefore taking advantage of work already done.  Data Transfer (Movedata.xls) – A program that allows you to set up and automatically transfer data from Excel files (however created) to your model data workbook.  Once the transfer scheme is set up, you will be sure that the file data resides in the correct variable cell in your model data workbook.  Create Data Workbook (Crdbook.xls) – A program that takes an existing matrix of data for a static model and creates a VORSIM data workbook.  Growth Rate Calculator (Vorgrow.xls) – Program to calculate growth rates from time series data in a model data workbook.  Growth projections are also made and charted.  Model Directory (Modelist.xls) – Program that prepares a current list of all models and solutions in the model directory (VMOD) along with the dates of creation of the models and solutions.  There are also programs describing how to install the alternative Excel solver.  There is a line drawing program that is useful for supply demand diagrams.  The Utilities window also access information files on an overview of VORSIM, practical installation suggestions, security settings, solver parameters, descriptions of the demonstration models, and information about simple measures of producer and consumer surplus.  You can also access any of the VORSIM control screens from the Utilities Window.  Models themselves in the VMOD folder are activated directly from any of the control screens.

Security:  For VORSIM 14 macros to operate, security must be set to the lowest level and boxes must be marked to trust all add-ins and VBA projects.  Different security and virus protection programs may have different requirements.  For some security programs, real time scanning must be turned off.  A security tutorial shows how to set (relax) the security settings so that the VBA macros driving VORSIM can operate in Excel. 

Models for Demonstration and Learning are included with VORSIM:  DEMO – small dynamic (time series, annual data) model;  DEML – linear version of DEMO; DARM – an  Armington specification using DEMO demand elasticities;  STAT – static (one time period) model; and  LUMP – small dynamic model used in tutorials.

Similar information for VORSIM version 15 is found on the VORSIM 15 website.  In VORSIM 15, most of the VORSIM 14 Utility programs have been incorporated in Tools menus.