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The capacity to expand or enlarge an existing model without too much effort is an important feature of VORSIM.Pages that follow summarize the model expansion process from the Model Manager control screen.In many ways it is like the steps involved in building a new model except that you donít have to repeat the work to re-create your existing variables and data Ė VORSIM does that for you automatically.The [Add Sheets/Variables to Expand Model] button on the Model Manager control screen starts the expansion process by adding a list of old codes and a sort order for new codes to the model definition workbook.Prompts such as this tell you what to do next.

Before you expand a model BE SURE to BACKUP the model data, definition, and equation workbooks and all of the equations in the model.Backup data will be needed for re-entry into your expanded model.If you donít have backup data, you will have to re-enter all data and equations again manually.

Alternate procedure (maybe easier) for expanding or changing the model: You can also expand a model by going directly to the definition workbook and insert rows for new sheets, categories, or variable types (or delete for shrinking the model).Once done you would then re-create the model using the new definition sheet.When finished with the definition sheet, you would create new data and equation workbooks.Then you would go to the Model Manager to put backup data and equations into the new data and equation workbooks (just as you would do with the above procedure).