Menu | <<<< | >>>> | The VORSIM pull-down menu on the Model Manager control screen


Several very useful model-wide management tools are contained in the VORSIM pull-down menu or Add-Ins.  You can learn what these menu items do by experimentation and following the prompts.

|Add Descriptive Notes to Model Codes| - Adds descriptions from the model definition sheet as comments to model codes in cells in any selected workbook.  This is useful for documentation of workbook sheets if the meaning of your model codes is not obvious.

|Label Semi-annual, Quarterly, or Monthly Data| - If your model is non-annual, time is represented by a count (1, 2, etc.).  However once model workbooks have been created, this menu item can be used to put non-annual (e.g. Q1, Q2, etc.) labels over the numbers.

|Add Indicator Codes to Definition Workbook| - This item adds indicator codes from the Indicator workbook to the bottom of your model definition workbook {Definition} sheet.  This puts all documentation of codes for the model and indicators on one convenient page for reference (you do have to add indicator descriptions manually).

|Create Summary of Selected Workbook| - This menu item creates of summary of a selected workbook including a list and count of equations on each sheet and a list of all of the range names and their ranges in the workbook.  This item can be used to summarize any workbook and even count the equations in your model.

|Create Sheet-Category Data Summary|, |Fill Sheet-Category Summary|, |Edit Sheet-Category Summary| - These menu items create a matrix which shows if particular equations exist for Sheets and Categories.

|Load File from Archive| - Loads an archived file.

|Restore Textbox Comments from Backup| - This menu item restores all textboxes in a model workbook that contain comments - from the backup workbook.  This is especially useful if you have created new workbooks (i.e. to expand your model) and want to restore comments from backup files (written in textboxes) to the new workbooks.

|Round All Numbers in Data Workbook| - Rounds all numbers in data workbook to 2 digits beyond the number included in the format.  This routine also adjusts column widths so that all numbers are displayed properly.  This makes the data workbook readable and the smallest possible size from a storage viewpoint.

|Mark Duplicates in Selected Range| - For a selected range in a workbook, duplicate cells are marked.  This is especially useful when you create a large model which increases the chance you might have used duplicate model codes.

|Update Links in Selected File| - If you have any model workbook that was created in another directory from where it now resides, the buttons in the workbook may not work.  Messages such as ‘you cannot open a second version of…’ might appear.  The problem is that the linkages between the workbook buttons and the programs are wrong.  This option may help correct that problem.  Simply click on the workbook in question and the links will be corrected and the buttons should operate properly.

|Compare Model with Basedata Values| - This is an extremely valuable diagnostic tool if equations in a successfully written model do not reproduce the base period values.  This might occur if, for example, the equation syntax for Excel is correct, but the math logic in the equations is not.  You may have forgotten to update the base data when equations were re-written; there are many other possible reasons for this situation to arise.  This command produces a matrix of the difference between what the model equations calculate and what is contained in the Basedata sheet of the equation workbook.  Zero values in a cell means there is no problem, non-zero values show you exactly which equations do have a problem.

|Create Summary of Equations| - This tool creates printable pages that summarize a sheet’s equation matrices and equations.

This menu does not exist in VORSIM 15 and its operations have been incorporated into forms called up by Tool buttons.