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When a dynamic (time series) model workbook is loaded, two other workbooks are also loaded into memory.  The workbook on the left <DEMOhist.xls> contains historical data, which is used for time series models.  The format of the data is the same as in the model sheet.  The second workbook on the right is the exogenous data workbook <DEMOexog.xls>.  It contains exogenous data in white cells that is used to generate solutions over time.  It also contains data from the data workbook (if the data exists) for cells containing equations.  The colored cells in this workbook mark data that is generated from the model equations.  This same color-coding is used when a solution is generated.   The solution numbers are put in the colored cells in this workbook and the workbook is saved as a solution (i.e. the exogenous data workbook becomes a solution workbook) with a chosen name.  The cell color information then follows the solution values as they are used in lists, reports, etc.  A glance at a cell color in a solution workbook immediately tells the source of the number (e.g. a number in a yellow cell means that the number was generated by a model equation, a white cell means the data was exogenous, etc.).  A static (one time period) model will have only the exogenous data workbook.