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This control screen offers programs that help you prepare reports using model data.  Many buttons simply load workbooks that you might want to view during the preparation of a report but the user designs the report.  All reports are labeled with a *.rpt suffix.  Data can be copied into reports with the commands in the VORSIM pull-down menu or can be transferred with a Movelist (*.mlt) file.  A ‘movelist’ is just a set of instructions that copy items from one workbook sheet to another.  Reports themselves are created with normal Excel facilities for creating tables and charts for presentation.  Sample reports that include graphical analysis have been created.  These samples can be customized for your own model.  You can also view, chart, and analyze data from a model workbook from this control screen.  Finally, the routines for charting solution variables on this control screen are an excellent way to quickly examine variables in a new solution (Cntl-click to select multiple non-adjacent variables).

The basic idea here is that a model builder will want to create (in Excel) reports for the presentation of simulation results in a normal manner.  However this control screen offers several ways moving solution and other numbers into report workbooks that have been created.  Once data has been moved into a report, a comment includes all of the source information for a block of data.  This means that transferred data on a sheet can be automatically updated if for example, the block has been moved around on the sheet or new source data has been created.

The option of creating a ‘Movelist’ file is also very useful for the automation of any data transfer operation.  For example if you have data already in spreadsheets that must be moved into your model data workbook, you can set up a ‘Movelist’ and avoid re-typing data.