Menu | <<<< | >>>> | [Create New Report (*.rpt)] transfer data into report


After the button is clicked, you are prompted for a unique name for the report; here the default (Report) is shown. Reports are always marked by the three letter appendage *.rpt. You can create as many reports as you want as long as each has a unique name. Reports are prepared as sheets in Excel workbooks using Excel facilities for creating tables and charts. Solution and other data can be copied to reports using commands in the VORSIM pull-down menu (below) or by using a movelist file. The basic idea is that you as a user create a report that you want BUT techniques available in the report writer control screen will make it easy to transfer model solution and other data into your reports, both for the initial transfer and for subsequent updating.

RWmenuThe first two commands in the VORSIM pull-down menu or Add-Ins copy data from any file into a report. The next two create links in a report sheet to source data blocks. The UPDATE command automatically updates all transferred data blocks on a sheet. The next set of commands deal with the appearance of reports or other worksheets. The best way to learn about them is too experiment with them on demonstration model workbooks. Note that in VORSIM 15, this Report Writer menu is replaced by a Tool button.