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A workbook with a {Movelist} (*.mlt) sheet is created.  The sheet contains controls and empty rows for Movelist items.  The Movelist consists of FROM and TO information.  The TO workbook can be this workbook or any other.  To create reports in this workbook simply add a sheet (or sheets) for the report tables and charts.  Then create items in the Movelist rows to take data from solution or other workbooks and put them into place in the designated sheet.  Alternatively, you can create a report and build a movelist to transfer model data into your report.

The first line of instructions is usually created by recording your commands as you manually move some data.  You can repeat manual data movements or you can figure out how to duplicate them with changes in following rows.  You can even program switches so the same movelist moves data into different workbooks when you change names.  If you deal with a lot of data, it is worth your while to learn more about this topic.  Consult some of the movelist reports that come with VORSIM demonstration models.

When data is moved using ‘movelist’, a comment giving the data source is automatically placed into the destination range (1st cell) of the destination sheet and workbook.