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Here are Movelist rows for the report <Nutsales.rpt> (Movelists can be renamed as a report (rpt) file and then report sheets can be added.  Here, each row moves a block of data from a sheet in a workbook to a designated cell on the {Nutsales} sheet of the report.  The Movelist can be created by example by using the [Put cursor in row under FROM…] button and/or with simple typing and/or Excel copy and paste routines.  Once created, every time the [Update source data for report using ‘Movelist’ below] button is clicked, data is moved from the three workbooks (DEMOhist.xls, DEMObase.sol, and DEMOfsbl.sol) into the {Nutsales} sheet of the <Nutsales.rpt> workbook.  This updating of the report can be automatically done every time something is changed in the model which will generate different values for any of these solutions.  In this example, the movelist has been set and saved as a sheet in the NutSales.rpt.  However, the movelist is generally left as an independent (*.mlt) file.

In VORSIM 15 these workbooks would be named Nutsales.rpt.xlsx, DEMObas.sol.xlsx, etc.