Menu | <<<< | >>>> |  VORSIM 14 pull–down menu on the Report Writer control screen


The VORSIM pull-down on the Report Writer control screen has fourteen useful items which deal with report and other workbooks.  The commands give several ways of transferring data from solution or other model workbooks to user-designed report workbooks.  The destination file can be any workbook but is most useful for transferring solution values to a report workbook.  In VORSIM 15, this menu has been replaced by a form called up with a Tool button.

|Copy Data (Block) Value(s) from Source File to Destination File|, |Copy Data (Block) Value(s) AND Formats from Source File to Destination File| - The commands initiate a program to copy data from a workbook to a destination workbook (perhaps a report.rpt workbook).  The second command copies the format as well as data.  Both commands create a comment in the target cell which includes all of the source information.  This information can be used by the UPDATA… command to update the transferred data.  This is useful, for example, if you have moved the block of data or the source data has changed.

|Create Link(s) to a Source File for a Data Block in the Destination File| - This command copies data to a destination file by inserting links in the destination workbook to source data. 

|Change a Link Source in an ACTIVE Cell in a Workbook| - This command allows you to change all identical existing links from one workbook to another.  This is useful, for example, if you want a report to show values from different solution workbooks.

|UPDATE Data Previously Copied to Sheet Using ‘Source’ Comment Information| - The command uses the source information in destination block comments to update the block data on a sheet.  It means that once data has been transferred to a (report) sheet, it can be automatically updated as needed.  If this is applied to one sheet, you can change the range of the transferred data in the source workbook.  If this is applied to a whole workbook, a Movelist workbook for all transfers is also created.

|Clear Textboxes from Sheet| - Removes all of the textboxes from an active sheet.

|View All Comments on Sheet|, |Hide All Comments on Sheet| - These commands make comments on a sheet visible or invisible.

|Change a String in All Source Comments on a Sheet|, |Change a String in All Source Comments in a Workbook| - Allows you to edit a string in an active report sheet or on all sheets in a destination report workbook.  For example, you might change the source workbook.  Once changes are made in ‘source’ comments, the UPDATE… command can be used to transfer the new data into the destination workbook.

|Copy Matrix of Data from Excel File to Model Data Workbook| - This command allows you to automate the movement of model data from an Excel workbook to your model data workbook.  Data in the Excel workbook must be in matrix form with model sheets as column heads and model categories as row heads.  The left top cell must contain the variable name.

|Unprotect Workbook Sheets|, |Protect Workbook Sheets| - Unprotect or protect all sheets in an open workbook.

|Set Data Column Width| - Sets the widths of all columns in the data workbook so that numbers are all displayed.  If this is not done, sometimes numbers may, for example, be larger than the number of places allowed by column widths and you would see ##### in cells rather than numbers.  This command corrects that situation for the data workbook automatically.

In VORSIM 15, these menu items have been placed on various Tools buttons.