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The Report Writer, Data Analysis, and Solution Charts control screen provides several methods of moving data to user-created reports from models, solutions, and data files. Report workbooks can be automatically updated.

[Load Any File] Load any file in model directory.

[Load Equation Workbook], [Load Data Workbook] Load equation, data workbooks.

[Chart Parameter Block] Create charts of parameters from equation matrices.

[Chart/Trend Data Value] Create chart/trend line for a selected variable in data workbook. Data can be extrapolated to end of model projection period.

[Chart Block of Data] Create charts of adjacent variables from data workbook.

[Regression Analysis of Data] Multiple regression analysis of variables in data workbook. Simple regression analysis is made available within VORSIM.

[Create Supply Demand Report] Create a report which uses model elasticities and solution values from 2 solutions to calculate welfare impacts and show changes in supply and demand.

[Create New Movelist Report (*.mlt)],  [Load Movelist (*.mlt); Modify, Update] Create, load/modify Movelist files that move data from one workbook to another (e.g. from a solution workbook to a report). This procedure is useful whenever automated data transfer is needed between any workbooks.

[Chart Solution Time Series Variable(s)] Create time series graphs of solution variables.

[Load a Solution], [Chart Cross-Section Solution Variables] View a solution workbook, chart solution values.

[List All Files] Create a list of all files in the model directory.

[Create New (Empty) Report (*.rpt)], [Load an Existing Report (*.rpt)] Create and open Excel report workbooks. Report workbooks are user-designed. Movelists or items on the VORSIM pull-down menu can be used to move model solution and other data into reports. Once model data has been moved into a report, the data can be automatically updated.

vorsimpdrw|VORSIM| menu in Report Writer: Most options are ways of moving workbook data to user-built reports. Data can be copied to, or linked to reports (or any file). Once data has been added to a report sheet by any of these methods (or movelists), it is possible to automatically update the data without copying it again. This is possible by creating a comment containing the source information for every data block transferred. Other commands set data column width, clear text boxes from sheet, or make comments visible/invisible. In version 15, this menu has been replaced by tool buttons.