Menu | <<<< | >>>> | [Load/Modify Indicators] click to load and modify indicators

Clicking the [Load/Modify Indicators] button on the Solution Manager control screen brings up the indicator workbook when you want to add/change indicators. Here indicator and aggregate formulas have been added. To create an indicator formula you add an indicator name (a variable and category code), a format for the indicator, the formula using model variable names (except ! is used instead of Sheet names), and an explanatory description. Comments in column heading cells give examples of how to write indicator formulas.

To create aggregate variables you enter the aggregate (sheet) code, mark 1s in a row for each sheet code to be included in the aggregate code, and a description. Then you enter the name of the aggregate variable, the format code, the variable or weight*variable to be aggregated, and a description.

When you are done, click the 1, 2, and 3 buttons in order to create the formulas. In some case formulas might be created in cells on the {Template} sheet where you dont want them; you can remove these formulas manually before proceeding to button 3. As with VORSIM equations, if your formulas do not follow Excel syntax, you can see errors on the {Formulas} sheet and correct the indicator formulas and then repeat steps 1-3. Read the comments in the cells containing column titles; they give examples of the syntax for creating indicator names, formats, and formulas.