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This is an example of a solution sheet with indicator formulas add and calculated.  When indicators are added to a sheet, the sheet is immediately calculated and numbers are left in place of indicator formulas.  The regular numbers plus the indicators are now treated the same as far as all other programs that work with solutions are concerned.  The only caveat is that if you use programs that compare solutions, the solutions must be the same size, i.e. solutions to be compared must all have the same number of indicators added.  Indicators can be added to the workbook at any time since they are added on to model solutions and do not impact solution values.  This means that the indicators can be added to the indicator workbook as needed; the new indicator set can simply be re-added to solution workbooks.  Caution dictates that if the indicator workbook is modified by adding indicators, the indicators should be re-applied to all solutions to avoid problems with the comparison of solutions.