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Clicking the [Create *.lst File with Comparative Charts, Pivot Tables, Filtered List for selected Variables and Solutions] button on the Solution Manager control screen brings up this menu.  You select variables to be included by clicking on Sheets, Variables, Categories, and Time Periods.  There is a limit of 8000 variables per list so for a large model you must create lists made of sub-sets of variables that you want to examine.  First, verify or change the name of the pivot table/list being created (1).  A default name is created from 2 selected solutions but you can change it manually.  The list of existing *.list files is shown.  If an existing name is used, the existing file will be over-written by the new *.lst file.   Clicking the [2.ίUpdate Selections] button selects variables and then clicking the [3. Create Pivot Table/List Workbook] button creates the pivot table/filtered list workbook.  When selecting solutions to include in the list, the first solution listed becomes the basis of comparison for difference and percentage difference tables.  A prompt before this menu appears allows you to specify the solution to be used as a basis of comparison.