Menu | <<<< | >>>> | The VORSIM pull-down menu on the Solution Manager control screen


Many data operations can be run with programs accessed by this pull-down menu in the Solution Manager control screen (or in the Add-Ins in recent versions of Excel).

|Create Times Series Solution File|  - Convert a solution from the model format (all sheets on each year) to a time series format (all years on a sheet).  |Load Times Series Solution File| - Load a time series solution file that already has been created.  Note that when you create a time series solution file for a base solution (solution named ****base.sol) where exogenous variables have not changed, besides the base time series file (****base.sot) you also create the time series file of exogenous data (****exot.xls) that can be used to generate alternative model solutions by changing exogenous variables.

|Round, Convert Operations| - The menu items describe the operations which are carried out on the active sheet of an open workbook.  For example, you can open a data or a solution workbook and invoke rounding or conversion operations.  The first group of operations (5 items) with “Selected” in the menu operation name operates on a selected block of data in the active sheet.  The second group (3 items) performs the operation for all items in the active sheet.  The third group (2 items) operates on all sheets in a workbook.  Most of these operations are basically for purposes of appearance (e.g. widening or narrowing columns so that number are readable – a number to large for the column width can appear as ####) or storage efficiency.  Removing formulas or rounding numbers generally means that workbooks take less storage space.  The [Load …] buttons on the control screen can be used to load workbooks for these operations; after the operations the workbooks must be saved manually if the operation results are to be retained.

|Rebuild Solution List| - This button rebuilds the master solution list file from existing solutions, models, and configurations in the model directory.

In VORSIM version 15, this menu has been deleted and many of its operations have been put into forms called up by Tools buttons.