Menu | <<<< | >>>> | First, select solution from the list of saved solutions

A list of saved solutions (with your chosen names) comes up.  You first select the solution you want to examine with the [Open] button.  Next, select the base solution against which a comparison is made.   Then the menu for the selection of the variable to be explained comes up.  In this example, three solutions have been saved.  One of them is the solution DEMOfsbl.sol which is about to be selected.  This will be compared with a base solution where the model is simulated without any changes in exogenous variables and saved in a solution workbook named DEMObase.sol.  Note that solution names include the model name and a 3-4 letter name you select (here ‘fsbl’ and ‘base’).  A solution workbook name is given the post-dot appendix of ‘sol’ to distinguish solution workbooks from others.