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You put the cursor on a variable in a solution to select it (remember to tab the time period to select a variable for a particular time period in the solution workbook).  Once selected, this table and chart of changes in the selected variable relative to the alternative (here base solution) is brought up.  The equation explaining the variable is listed, followed by a table that gives the contribution of each explanatory variable to the change in the variable driven by the equation (note that for some complicated forms, the explanation may be caught by one term rather than component terms; also the percentage changes are approximate rather than exact calculations – this explanation works the best for constant elasticity equations).  The charts at the bottom give two views of the changes.  In this example, the –12.5 % change in the WRqsBL variable is totally explained by the –12.5 % change in the price variable (WRpwBL).  Once a solution has been loaded, you can quickly examine other variable values by clicking the [Choose a variable solution value] button.  When you are done, click the [Return to Solution Manager] button to close the solution workbook and return to the Solution Manager control screen.  Again this ‘explanatory’ page is formatted for printing in case you want a printed copy.