Menu | <<<< | >>>> | View a chart of variable(s) over time (including historical data)

Two variables (EqsNUT, WRqsNUT) have been loaded and plotted here.  The historical and simulation values (yellow cells) of the variables have been included.  If indicators have been added to solutions, they can be selected as well.  Click the [Select variables] button to select another set of variables for plotting; click the [Return to Solution Manager] button to close the solution and return to the Solution Manager control screen.  This charting procedure is very useful for quick views of solution variable values.  The “Print” option on the “File” pull-down menu can be used to print the page.  Some windows with charts have a button [Memorize chart size].  If you manually click on the chart and resize it for printing or for your screen, this button will save the new chart size settings.