Menu | <<<< | >>>> | [Manage Solutions, Indicators] click for solution workbook

If you click the [Manage Solutions, Models] button on the Solution Manager control screen, this <Solution.xls> workbook is brought up. All saved solutions are listed along with their descriptions. Buttons in the window control the management of the saved solutions. To start an operation, place the cursor on the solution name (light green cell), and click a button. The functions of the buttons are as follows:

[Add Indicators to Solution] adds indicators to the selected solution and marks (+ind.).

[Delete Sol.] deletes the selected solution. Deleting unwanted solutions this way deletes their name from this list as well.

[Round ALL Numbers in Solution] rounds all numbers in a saved solution to two decimal points beyond the format (e.g. a number formatted for 0.0 would be rounded off to 0.000 places). For large models with large solution workbooks, rounding greatly reduces the storage size of the workbook. Rounded numbers are sometimes neater for presentation purposes as well.

[Add Indicators, Round all Numbers ALL Solutions] Add indicators and round numbers in ALL solutions.

[QUIT] closes the Solution the solution workbook saving any changes you made.

You should make it a habit to manage your solutions from this window. Although you can manually delete solutions in Excel, doing so from this window updates and keeps track of your solutions in an orderly way.

This workbook also contains similar sheets for Models and Configurations.  In these sheets you can delete model and solution configurations with buttons.  The Models sheet contains the basic model name plus any alternative models that you derive from the basic model.